Enabling participation of EU citizens in the public debate

on climate change legislation



 Make your way around, hear and watch the eCommittee interviews and past Sessions and make your voice heard!


EU citizens and organizations willing to follow and support the on-going climate change legislative process of the European Parliament committees are encouraged to get involved through the eCommittee website. To do so, simply register as a user of this portal and be endorsed by the National moderator in one of the ten Countries taking part. You will then have the chance to contribute before, during or after key ‘sessions’ of the project, timed to co-incide with key milestones in the legislative timetable. Use the portal to find out the latest news on climate change, to follow the EU policy debates and learn more about  European decision-making processes. The portal provides you with forums where participants can share their views and opinions on burning climate change issues.


Watch video VIRTUAL MEP on youtube: link

Kravcík: Boj o Zem sa mení na biznis - interview in SVK

eParticipation Conference, 15 Dec 2009 -  photos

New videos from COP15 at the video section - watch here

World Water Movements and COP 15: Proposals and strategies for water and climate justice

People and Water – Water Talk with Slovak NGO Chairman Michal Kravcik on the Eve of Copenhagen Conference part 2

People and Water – Water Talk with Slovak NGO Chairman Michal Kravcik on the Eve of Copenhagen Conference part 1

Košice Civic Protocol on Water, Vegetation and Climate Change (and COP15)

Conference „A New Initiative for the Recovery of the Climate“

U.N. head sees no climate deal in Copenhagen

Remarks by Czech President Václav Klaus on Cap-and-Trade

Water evaporates from the climate change negotiating text

1st European Innovation Summit and Climate Change

Slovenian government Wants Ambitious Climate Agreement in Copenhagen

NGOs Want Prime Minister Borut Pahor to Do More about Climate Change Crisis

Poland may curb utility CO2 trade from 2013

WWF challenges EU ministers to revisit CO2 standards

High-speed trains 'not the answer' for cutting emissions

EU publishes list of airlines for emissions trading

Germany seeks leadership in electric cars 

Swedish climate envoy: post-Kyoto treaty 'possible but difficult'

EU to push for 30 percent emission cuts

Fewer clouds over the Pacific may accelerate climate change

Political foes support Australia's climate plan

World religions join the fight against climate change

UN chief urges China to combat climate change

Swedes to push for CO2 tax at EU helm (More)

Czech Presidency Priorities

The Climate and Energy Package

LIVE Events
  • 9 December 2009 -  
    eCommittee Session 8 - Developed country mitigation targets
  • 20:00 CET-at UNCCC-Room Niels Bohr 
  • 22 October 2009 from
    10:00 CEST - Web debate
    Sustainable energy for sustainable development
  • Recording available here

  • DEBATE on the international negotiations with:

MEP Rebecca Harms (Greens, DE)
MEP Dorette Corbey (PSE, NL)

Audio recording

  • DEBATE on the 'European Package' with:

MEP Satu Hassi (Greens, FI)
MEP Johannes Lebech (ALDE, DK)
MEP Peter Liese (EPP-ED, DE)
MEP Avril Doyle (EPP-ED, IRL)
MEP Lena Ek (ALDE, SE)




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