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31.01.10 Copenhagen climate deal gets low-key endorsement More  
29.01.10 Approval sought for new Slovenian reactor More  
28.01.10 Oil demand has peaked in developed world: IEA More  
28.01.10 Oslo reiterates pledge of at least 30 pct CO2 cut More  
27.01.10 EU agrees to make lowest climate offer to U.N More  
22.01.10 France devises sustainable development barometer More  
22.01.10 Copenhagen & beyond: Stage set for BASIC meet in Delhi More  
21.01.10 Carbon market exec still hopes for climate bill More  
20.01.10 Greens embrace enzymes in climate change fight More  
18.01.10 EU Unlikely To Extend Emissions Cuts: Ministers More  
15.01.10 EU's Hedegaard urges quick move to deeper CO2 cuts More  
15.01.10 Commission wants quick follow-up on Copenhagen More  
15.01.10 Oettinger defends European vision on energy More  
14.01.10 EU carbon prices rise to one-month high More  
14.01.10 Potočnik pledges tougher implementation of EU green laws[ More  
14.01.10 EU confirmation hearings take nasty turn More  
13.01.10 Europe mulls deeper emissions cuts, deadline looms More  
13.01.10 EU to take legal steps against fake Greek data More  
08.01.10 Carbon tariffs resurface in Copenhagen aftermath More  
07.01.10 EU to review climate strategy in February More  
06.01.10 Miliband: UK will push EU to raise emissions target to 30 per cent More  
06.01.10 Cold weather 'doesn't undermine global warming science' More  
03.01.10 UK's Brown says climate change agreement possible More  
30.12.09 Secretary-General confers with world leaders on climate change More  
22.12.09 E.U. Blames Others for ‘Great Failure’ on Climate More  
22.12.09 Copenhagen: it's time Europe started acting like it truly means what it says More  
16.12.09 Draft UN text foresees limited CDM expansion More  
24.11.09 Shell: market alone cannot deliver green energy More  
20.11.09 EU ministers to outline expectations for Copenhagen More  
18.11.09 World on course for catastrophic 6° rise, reveal scientists More  
18.11.09 Carbon leakage plan 'could generate huge profits' More  
16.11.09 EU proposes global aviation and shipping targets for Copenhagen More  
15.11.09 Leaders agree Copenhagen will focus on principles, not concrete goals More  
09.11.09 Remarks by Czech President Václav Klaus on Cap-and-Trade More  
09.11.09 U.N. head sees no climate deal in Copenhagen More  
24.10.09 Global demonstrations to push for reduced carbon levels More  
23.10.09 Government Wants Ambitious Climate Agreement in Copenhagen More  
22.10.09 Science Museum unveils climate change map showing impact of 4C rise More  
11.09.09 NGOs Want Prime Minister Borut Pahor to Do More about Climate Change Crisis More  
27.08.09 London offers guide to steer business onto greener path More  
25.08.09 Islay to be entirely powered by tides More  
25.08.09 Steady European market for wind turbines in 2009 More  
24.08.09 Solar thermal energy 'on the up' More  
24.08.09 Environmentalists say Greece disregarded climate change More  
24.08.09 Blair: Climate efforts no reason to give up cars More  
20.08.09 Mekong Delta may be inundated by rising sea -study More  
19.08.09 How the World Bank Let 'Deal Making' Torch the Rainforests More  
19.08.09 German light bulb craze ahead of looming EU ban More  
18.08.09 India must invest in green technology: PM Singh More  
16.08.09 Study links drought with rising emissions More  
14.08.09 Climate change already visible on Greenland More  
14.08.09 Oil lobby to fund campaign against Obama's climate change strategy More  
06.08.09 China hints at softer line in climate talks More  
06.08.09 Climate change melting US glaciers melting at a faster rate, study finds More  
05.08.09 World Bank to buy 500,000 forestry CERs from Democratic Republic of Congo More  
04.08.09 India: 20,000MW solar mission gets nod More  
22.07.09 Meet Belcha – Europe's biggest carbon polluter (and it's about to get even bigger) More  
15.07.09 Europe to Stage Climate Concerts More  
13.07.09 CBI calls for up to 15 new nuclear power stations More  
03.07.09 Change farming to cut CO2 emissions by 25 per cent More  
01.07.09 Canada worst, Germany best on climate change: report More  
01.07.09 Sweden 'ready' to drive global climate talks More  
01.07.09 UN, WTO call for trade shift to halt climate change More  
27.06.09 Joint WTO-UNEP Report Details Linkages between Trade and Climate Change More  
26.06.09 New York to Host UN Climate Summit and a Week of Public Action next September More  
27.05.09 Andris Piebalgs, Energy Commissioner: Can Europe finance secure and clean energy in the future More  
27.05.09 Commission faces revolt over 'carbon leakage' plans More  
26.05.09 UN's Ban tells business to stop climate lobbying More  
26.05.09 Climate change amplifying animal disease More  
25.05.09 G8 Energy Ministerial: Commissioner Piebalgs calls for good investment climate to take the energy sector out of the crisis More  
25.05.09 World bank sees key role for offsets in post-Kyoto deal More  
25.05.09 France, Germany urge more flexible climate pact More  
25.05.09 China raises pressure on climate change More  
24.05.09 Gore, others urge CEOs to back climate change deal More  
24.05.09 Climate change summit hijacked by biggest polluters, critics claim More  
22.05.09 China energy expert sees coal power slowing from 2011 More  
22.05.09 Cherishing the variety of life on our planet More  
22.05.09 Obama climate change bill defies Republicans to pass key committee More  
20.05.09 The EU and Australia join forces in the fight against climate change ahead of the Conference of Copenhagen More  
20.05.09 Climate change, trade top agenda at EU-China Summit More  
19.05.09 Frequently Asked Questions on the EP Elections More  
19.05.09 Global warming could be twice as bad as forecast More  
19.05.09 EU-China Summit in Prague - facing global challenges together More  
19.05.09 Report paves way for shipping's inclusion in climate deal More  
18.05.09 The Commission calls for proposals for 4 billion worth of energy investments More  
18.05.09 Caroline Lucas Interview More  
15.05.09 EU carbon market seizes on signs of economic recovery More  
15.05.09 Ice sheet melt threat reassessed More
14.05.09 Poorest need funds to combat climate change: report More
14.05.09 IEA predicts surge in energy use by electronic 'gadgets' More  
13.05.09 Council steps up its effort for energy efficiency and renewable energy investments in housing More  
13.05.09 Key coral reefs 'could disappear' More  
12.05.09 Swedes to push for CO2 tax at EU helm More  
12.05.09 Oceans should be focus of climate change fight, experts say More  
12.05.09 World Ocean Conference to Face Climate Change More  
11.05.09 'Mixed results' from EU R&D funds More  
11.05.09 Current climate changes a spur for some to adapt More  
06.05.09 Time to act More  
05.05.09 Global climate deal needed to halt soaring coal production More  
30.04.09 'Safe' climate means 'no to coal' More  
29.04.09 3rd Energy Package gets final approval from MEPs More  
29.04.09 Climate scientists warn of looming disaster More  
29.04.09 Major emitters talk, yet to act More  
29.04.09 US more optimistic about climate deal after talks More  
29.04.09 Energy Commissioner Piebalgs received the Energy Efficiency Visionary Award More  
29.04.09 Europe must grap the true value of biodiversity More  
29.04.09 EU Environment Agency calls for 'ecosystem pricing' More  
29.04.09 Rich and poor still divided over climate pact More  
27.04.09 ICT & climate change: problem or solution? More  
27.04.09 Electorate 'unimpressed' by EU's successes More  
21.04.09 G8 pledges sustainability in food security drive More  
17.04.09 EU stimulus plan to include funds for energy savings More  
16.04.09 Energy MEPs back more energy efficient buildings More  
16.04.09 Environment Ministers discuss the way to Copenhagen More  
14.04.09 World will not meet 2 C warming target, climate change experts agree More  
10.04.09 Rich-Poor Divide Still Stalls Climate Accord More  
09.04.09 Analysis: Climate talks to move to smaller forum More  
24.03.09 World forum backs water as basic need More  
23.03.09 Cash shortage hinders climate battle More  
19.03.09 EU plans puts climate finance at risk: industry More  
19.03.09 UN accuses EU over climate change More  
18.03.09 As planet warms, poor nations face economic chill More  
18.03.09 EC will not interfere in carbon market prices: Director General More  
18.03.09 Experts: US climate policy must not sideline coal More  
17.03.09 UNFCCC Secretary General Yvo de Boer speech More  
17.03.09 EU calls on farmers to start adapting to climate More  
17.03.09 What message, and whom, from Copenhagen More  
17.03.09 China seeks export carbon relief More  
17.03.09 85% of Amazonian rainforest at risk of destruction, researchers warn More  
17.03.09 Drought and water overuse in Europe More  
17.03.09 Sweden preparing for 'difficult' EU Presidency More  
17.03.09 Europe and global food security More  
16.03.09 The Green New Deal: a massive injection of clean energy cash More  
13.03.09 Climate inaction 'inexcusable', scientists tell leaders More  
12.03.09 Global warming 'will be worse than expected' warns Stern More  
12.03.09 Activists arrested as ministers fail to decide on climate funding More  
10.03.09 Poland demands international rules on climate burden sharing More  
09.03.09 the Impact of Climate Change: What Women can do More  
09.03.09 Cohesion policy backs 'green economy' for growth and long-term jobs in Europe More  
09.03.09 EU and US vow to use crisis for green new deal More  
09.03.09 Scientists to adopt tough stance for Copenhagen talks More  
05.03.09 Climate change: Commission dishes the dirt on the importance of soil More  
02.03.09 Ministers to reject industrial pollution 'safety net' More
02.03.09 Explorers begin epic Arctic trek More  
27.02.09 EU debates emission cuts for rich nations More  
24.02.09 Rich nations failing to meet climate aid pledges More
17.02.09 European Environmental Agency priorities 2009-2013 More  
17.02.09 Climate curbs need 'people power' More  
17.02.09 EU fails to lift French, Greek GM crop bans More  
17.02.09 Green growth is essential to any stimulus More  
16.01.09 Lawmakers push for deforestation credits in ETS More  
16.01.09 Energy savings 'driving up consumption', study warns More  
16.01.09 Global warming 'underestimated' More  
16.01.09 Climate change could be even worse than feared More  
12.01.09 Lorries in EU could be slapped with noise and congestion tolls More  
12.01.09 China and the US - the road to rapprochement on climate change More  
12.01.09 Obama 'must act now' on climate More  
09.01.09 Copenhagen must build the road to a sustainable global energy future - 2009 EU Sustainable Energy Week More  
09.01.09 European stimulus packages lacking green investment More
09.01.09 Call for 'carbon reserve' as CO2 prices hit record low More  
05.01.09 EC and China sign nine cooperation agreements and foster dialogue on global solutions to economic and financial crisis and climate change More  
05.01.09 Commission welcomes EP recommandations on future EU climate policy More  
05.01.09 UN chief to attend climate change talks More  
04.01.09 Climate Change: 2050 - the future begins today: MEPs adopt key report More  
04.01.09 ENVI News More  
02.01.09 Climate change MEP Karl-Heinz Florenz responds to people's comments More  
02.01.09 Resist industry pressure to dilute green reform: UN More  
02.02.09 Acid oceans 'need urgent action' More  
28.01.09 EU urges US climate commitment More  
27.01.09 Global warming is 'irreversible' More  
27.01.09 Fast action needed to avoid climate chaos - study More  
27.01.09 UN chief to head global warming push More  
27.01.09 Escaping climate disaster 'affordable', says report More  
26.01.09 EU to table options for global climate deal More  
23.01.09 Cut industrial emissions further, but More flexibly, say MEPs More  
22.01.09 New evidence on Antarctic warming More  
20.01.09 President 'has four years to save Earth' More  
20.01.09 Climate change, health, economy: three European tips for Obama More  
19.01.09 Experts: Will Obama outgreen Europe? More  
12.01.09 Greenpeace reaches for the stars in Prague as Czech Presidency gets underway More  
12.01.09 'Old Europe' wary as Czechs take over EU presidency More  
12.01.09 U.S. edges out Germany as World Wind Power leader More  
12.01.09 Swiss glaciers 'in full retreat' More  
12.01.09 We need to unleash thepower of the masses More  
12.01.09 Researchers say 2009 to be one of warmest years on record More  
12.01.09 WMO: 2008 among the ten warmest years More  
17.12.08 Adoption of the energy-climate package on first reading by the European Parliament More  
17.12.08 Commission welcomes final adoption of Europe's Climate and Energy Package More  
17.12.08 European Parliament seals climate change package More  
16.12.18 Industry 'encouraged' by EU climate deal More  
16.12.08 Next climate summit may turn on rich nation's approach to poor ones More  
15.12.08 EU approves climate change deal, critics say it's diluted More  
14.12.08 Parliament to sign off on climate compromise More  
14.12.08 Corus: 'We will quit EU to avoid carbon regime' More  
13.12.08 EU accused of subsidising climate change after 'watered-down' deal More  
13.12.08 AFP: EU seal deals on economy, climate packages More  
13.12.08 MEPs and Council Presidency reach deal on final details of climate package More  
13.12.08 EU ink deals on climate, economy More  
12.12.08 EU climate change deal branded 'a failure' More  
12.12.08 Eu anxious to keep global climate leadership More  
12.12.08 EU Energy Deal Boosts U.N. Climate Talks More  
12.12.08 'Consensus emerging' on climate deal at EU summit More  
12.12.08 Climate change: EU gives polluters a Christmas gift More  
12.12.08 Berlusconi hails on climate deal More  
03.12.08 Greenhouse gases should be cut 80% by 2050, CLIM Commitee More  
26.11.08 Sustainable cities framework to be presented in 2010 More  
26.11.08 Enlargement split in EU climate feud? More  
17.11.08 Commission unveils new energy-saving measures More  
14.11.08 China tells rich states to change More  
13.11.08 Obama's message to the world: we will act quickly on climate change More  
12.11.08 Scholar: Industry claims on carbon leakage 'exaggerated' More  
11.11.08 Large financial investors want actions on climate change More  
07.11.08 Poland proposes 'price band' for CO2 More  
06.11.08 EU urged to tackle climate change-related water stress More  
05.11.08 Europe hails Obama's election as new US president More  
31.10.08 European automotive policy: for job security and green and affordable cars More  
31.10.08 Fostering 'green' energy technologies: leading EU research institutes launch the European Energy Research Alliance More  
30.10.08 Industry Commissioner backs 40 billion euros car sector loans  More  
30.10.08 Dip in oil and carbon prices to hamper clean tech drive? More  
30.10.08 Climate damage science studied More  
27.10.08 Asia, EU back 2009 climate deal More  
27.10.08 MEPs advance climate vote More  
27.10.08 Arctic is melting even in winter More  
24.10.08 D. Bank sees green 'opportunities' in economic slump More  
23.10.08 Clean and energy efficient vehicles get go-ahead More  
23.10.08 EU clinches deal on promoting clean road transport More  
22.10.08 Deal on the promotion of clean road transport vehicles More  
22.10.08 Wate-to-energy plans get EU's nod of approval More  
22.10.08 Rocky path ahead for EU green legislation More  
22.10.08 Cohn-Bendit to lead French Greens into EU elections More  
22.10.08 Divided EU wants poor countries to join climate pledge More  
22.10.08 French phase-in plans for car CO2 opposed More  
21.10.08 Revised EU energy strategy to focus on supply security More  
21.10.08 France hopes to break GMO deadlock by December More  
21.10.08 Climate change accelerating far beyond the IPCC forecast, WWF says More  
20.10.08 First results of the Council of Ministers for the Environment More  
20.10.08 Brussels pushing for forests in global climate deal More  
20.10.08 Top UN officals warn EU to meet climate goals More  
17.10.08 EU 'holds firm' on climate goals More  
16.10.08 Climate change must now be 'cost-effective' More  
16.10.08 Climate change: Projections show EU on track to meet Kyoto Protocol emissions targets More  
16.10.08 Italy and Poland fail to scupper EU climate change deal More  
16.10.08 Government advisor: eat less meat to tackle climate change More  
16.10.08 Sarkozy sticks to Eu climate deadline in crisis More  
16.10.08 Nations challenge EU climate plan More  
16.10.08 EU weighing compromises to clinch climate deal More  
15.10.08 Climate change measures 'could be watered down due to financial crisis' More  
14.10.08 Climate votes offerm issing piece in Chinese coal puzzle More  
14.10.08 Council deal on energy package: a crucial step towards completing the internal energy market More  
13.10.08 Call to maintain climate targets More  
13.10.08 Green alarm as EU ministers mull climate opt-outs More  
13.10.08 Keeping track of climate change More  
13.10.08 UN says credit crisis could enable 'green growth' More  
10.10.08 EU countries may use economic crisis to ditch climate change commitments More  
10.10.08 Nicolas Sarkozy pushes for EU to support Britain in 'green car' initiatives More  
10.10.08 Nature loss 'dwarfs bank crisis' More  
09.10.08 Artic governance: European Parliament deeply concerned about the effects of climate change More  
09.10.08 EU ETS: use permit revenues to fund climate change protection, says Environment Ministry More  
08.10.08 Fine member states that fail to meet national emission reduction targets, say Environment Committee More  
08.10.08 Euro MEPs stick to climate targets More  
08.10.08 EU Parliament falls short of improving EU's answer to climate change More  
08.10.08 Commissioner Dimas welcomes EP Environment Committee vote on climate-energy package More  
08.10.08 Disease warning on climate change More  
08.10.08 Climate change will allow tropical disease to spread to Europe More  
07.10.08 Equippin power plants to store CO2 underground More  
07.10.08 Interview: MEP 'hopeful' of ambitious climate vote More  
07.10.08 EU's climate package 'in crisis' More  
06.10.08 Climate change is a challenge and an opportunity More  
06.10.08 Brussels readies for 'Super Tuesday' climate vote More  
01.10.08 The EU-Africa Strategic Partnership More  
01.10.08 Virgin to join climate experiment More  
01.10.08 France pushes for leniency on car CO2 caps More  
30.09.08 Climate change: floods, drought, mosquito disease aim at Europe More  
30.09.08 IEA calls for major boost in renewable energy use More  
30.09.08 Scientists urge greenhouse gas cuts More  
29.09.08 Report: Europe must boost climate adaptation efforts More  
29.09.08 EU ups efficiency standards for lights, televisions More  
29.09.08 Europe needs to intensify actions to adapt to climate change More  
26.09.08 MEPs hail 'defeat' of car industry lobby on CO2 More  
25.09.08 France wants early list of sectors exposed to 'carbon leakage' More  
25.09.08 Truckmakers seek to avert car-style CO2 caps More  
24.09.08 Industry groups call for binding EU energy efficiency target More  
24.09.08 International Tropical Timber Agreement not enough to protect forests More  
24.09.08 Climate change fears after German opt-out More  
22.09.08 World's common birds 'declining' More  
20.09.08 Consumption patterns need to change to cope with growing cities More  
19.09.08 Call for a More ambitious global alliance agaisnt climate change More  
19.09.08 Peter Mandelson: is climate change policy incompatible with free trade? More  
19.09.08 Kopernicus to take environmental monitoring one step further More  
18.09.09 UK seeking CO2 trading increase More  
16.09.08 Launch of Europarltv More
15.09.08 Report: slow progress on greening Europe's buildings More  
15.09.08 MEPs' biofuel vote could bring production to 'standstill' More  
15.09.08 European worry but do little about climate change More  
15.09.08 Spain to set up climate change research institute More  
15.09.08 More sustainable energy in road transport targets More  
12.09.08 MEPs give major boost to renewables industry More  
12.09.08 Most European 'very concerned' by climate change More  
12.09.08 Adapt or die More  
11.09.08 Climate change: strong public support for EU policies on climate change More  
11.09.08 Forests 'forgotten' in EU climate policy, MEPs warn More  
11.09.08 EU prepares Actic action plan as ice melts More  
11.09.08 Melting ice caps pushes Arctic up EU agenda More  
11.09.08 Parties 'fail on climate change' More  
11.09.08 Britain pledges climate change aid for at-risk Bangladesh More  
08.09.08 WWFslams EU countries for poor care of Baltic Sea  More  
04.09.08 EU fails to curb emissions from transport: dramatic improvements and clear targets needed More European Environment Agency website
04.09.08 Parliament strongly backs hydrogen cars More  
04.09.08 4,500 year-old ice shelf breaks away More  
04.09.08 Germany leads 'clean coal' pilot More  
04.09.08 Warming boosts strongest storms More  
03.09.08 Greens collect campaign ideas at summer holidays More  
01.09.08  MEPs side with carmakers on CO2 cuts More  
01.09.08 Press Release - Friends of the Earth
MEPs stall in vote on car fuel efficiency
01.09.08 Biofuel sustainability deal in sight More  
28.08.08 Modest progress at Africa climate meeting More  
28.08.08 Will we have tough new climate change targets by year-end? More  
27.08.08 German cars lead CO2 reductions league More  
26.08.08 Study: Carmakers still way off EU climate targets More  
25.08.08 'Clock ticking' on global warming: UN climate chief More unfccc website
25.08.08 UN climate talks to seek speed amid discord More  
12.08.08 Climate change alters species distribution More  
11.08.08 Bonn: Next round of UN climate change negotiations set to kick off in Accra More  
08.08.08 Poland keen to block EU's CO2 auction scheme More  
06.08.08 Climate change: prepare for global temperature rise of 4C, warns top scientist More  
06.08.08 Boost for emissions trading scheme More  
05.08.08 Climate change protesters deny they are armed More  
04.08.08 France braces itself for busy green agenda More  
04.08.08 St Andrews Prize for the Environment 2009 open for submissions More  
04.08.08 Time atlas shows effect of global warming More  
04.08.08 New coal plants threaten EU carbon scheme: UK think tank More  
29.07.08 Tourists offered to spot polluted beaches More  
29.07.08 Road transports remain Europe's single largest air polluter More  
29.07.08 Biofuels targets too much too soon for Ireland More  
29.07.08 Wind 'can produce over 25% electricity by 2030 More  
28.07.08 Study: incentives giving boost to European solar sector More  
28.07.08 Transport remains main source of health-damaging pollutants More  
28.07.08 Countdown to Poz'n'Hagen More  
24.07.08 UK 'blocking' EU green energy plans More  
23.07.08 Commission urges solutions to soil degradation More  
23.07.08 Reducing the environmental impact of our activities More  
18.07.08 EU promotes sustainable products and technologies: a package of actions for sustainable consumption, production and industry More  
17.07.08 Commission launches consultation on requirements for a sustainability scheme for biomass for energy purposes More  
17.07.08 EU to encourage 'green consumption' with new eco-labelling More  
17.07.08 France braces itself for busy green agenda More  
16.07.08 UK schools go green, join carbon trading scheme More  
16.07.08 EU climate proposals hurt industry, says Germany More  
15.07.08 European Union curbs eco-impact of consumerism More  
15.07.08 Cutting CO2 could save dying corals More  
15.08.07 Lithuania set for clash with Brussels over nuclear power plant More  
15.07.08 Forests to fall for fuel and food More  
14.07.08 Sustainable consumption and production More  
14.07.08 Russian ice camp in rapid shrink More  
14.07.08 India and China tell rich nations to lead greenhouse gas curbs More  
09.07.08 Plans for 'eco-tolls' on lorries unveiled More  
09.07.08 World leaders avoid setting greenhouse target More  
09.07.08 Environmental and geopolitical concerns mix in EP objections to Nord Stream Project More  
09.07.08 Kosciusko-Morizet: Climate deal key to 'EU's credibility' More  
09.07.08 Member States endorse Commission proposal to reduce standby electricity consumption More  
09.07.08 Green tolls to add to fuel cost pressure on truck drivers More  
09.07.08 Ireland takes a glimpse of climate change in the Arctic More  
08.07.08 Commission welcomes EP vote on including aviation in EU ETS More  
08.07.08 Commission requests information from Member States on PM10 Pollution More  
08.07.08 MEPs seek to cut biofuel goals in clash with Commission More  
08.07.08 G8 backs 50% CO2 cut by 2050 More  
07.07.08 Barroso attempts to woo Germany on nuclear energy More  
07.07.08 EU signals retreat on biofuels target More  
07.07.08 President Barroso at the G8 Summit in Japan (7-9 July 2008) : leadership to address pressing global challenges More  
07.07.08 EU 'green transport' plans to ignore CO2 More  
07.07.08 Brussels seeks climate progress at busy G8 More  
04.07.08 High oil prices a good thing More  
04.07.08 Eurobarometer survey on radioactive waste More  
04.07.08 Nuclear debate continues to stir up controversy More  
04.07.08 Food and fuel crises pushing workd into 'danger zone', says World Bank More  
04.07.08 Interview: 'Innovative' solutions needed for CO2 storage More  
04.07.08 Climate Change Package 2020: The EU's Emissions Trading 3rd Phase More  
03.07.08 Energy efficiency not taken seriously enough, say study More  
03.07.08 EU States under pressure to advance CO2 storage More  
03.07.08 G8 'acting too slowly' on climate change More  
02.07.08 Climate More urgent than economy, say voters More  
01.07.08 EU biofuels target 'probably a mistake', France says More  
30.06.08 Visiting Kyoto, Ban calls for new climate change agreement by end 2009 More  
30.06.08 China's Hu says time is limited' in curbing climate change More  
30.06.08 Climate package: carbon-free cars More  
30.06.08 Environmental taxes on aggregate materials in the EU: toward sustainable construction More  
30.06.08 Cost of solar to match fossils by 2015, says US study More  
30.06.08 The world's will to tackle climate change is irresistible More  
27.06.08 Break the deadlock, by Tony Blair More  
26.06.08 Cost of tackling global climate change has doubled, warns Stern More  
26.06.08 Commission launches Single European Sky II for safer, greener and More punctual flighta More  
26.06.08 EU moves to combat illegal fishing, protect ecosystems More  
25.06.08 Mandatory green award criteria for the public purchase of road vehicles from 2010 on More  
24.06.08 Agriculture ministers agree to restrict use of dangerous pesticides More  
24.06.08 Study finds major cities can take climate change lead More  
24.06.08 Commissioner Piebalgs calls on oil producing and consuming countries to bring barrel prices down More  
24.06.08 Scientist urges carbon tax to help climate More  
24.06.08 Climate Change targets More  
24.06.08 Anger at calm in whaling waters More  
20.06.08 EU remains off track to meet Kyoto targets More  
20.06.08 EEA reports on progress in greenhouse gas emissions reductions in 2006 More  
19.06.08 Arctic sea melts 'even faster' More  
18.06.08 Washington pledges emissions role More  
18.06.08 Parliament vote wraps up EU water quality law More  
18.06.08 Commission welcomes EP vote on water quality standards More  
18.06.08 MEPs adopt new recycling targets for Europe More  
18.06.08 Biodiversity indicators SEBI 2010 among the 'best ideas to save nature' More  
18.06.08 Steger returns from expedition More  
18.06.08 Climate change refugees the forgotten people More  
17.06.08 River deltas at risk from climate change More  
17.06.08 Island nations join forces More  
17.06.08 US envoy says no 'G8 solutions' to climate change More  
17.06.08 Climate book is judges' hot pick More  
16.06.08 Civil society Agora calls on the EU to act fast More  
16.06.08 3rd Energy Package: MEPs to back regulatory agency with teeth More  
16.06.08 Less waste and cleaner water in Europe by 2020? More  
16.06.08 Whose money on the table for climate change? More  
16.06.08 UN climate deal said 'daunting' as Bonn talks end More  
16.06.08 Another View Alarming Atmospheric Shift and Climate Change More  
16.06.08 G8 Science Ministers want stronger cooperation on climate change More  
11.06.08 Mechanics of curbing climate change More  
11.06.08 EU climate and energy laws 'on track' More  
10.06.08 Commissioner Piebalgs launches the International Partnership for Energy Efficiency Cooperation More  
10.06.08 Merkel and Sarkozy 'breakthrough' on car emissions More  
09.06.08 Natural lab shows sea's acid path More  
09.06.08 Carbon prices in Europe highest in two years More  
09.06.08 Low expectations for Bush's last EU-US Summit More  
06.06.08 The great carbon bazaar More  
05.06.08 Awareness campaign aims to create virtual community of young 'changers' More  
05.06.08 EU states set for clash over CO2 caps for cars More  
05.06.08 Parliament and Council set to clash over CO2 Effort Sharing More  
04.06.08 ECHA: European Chemicals Agency inaugurated More  
04.06.08 Taming Goliath - tackling consumption patterns More  
03.06.08 Commission launches public consultation on revision of car labelling directive More  
03.06.08 EU mulls mandatory CO2 ads for cars More  
03.06.08 Deal on EU climater package by year's end? More  
02.06.08 This week in the European Union More  
30.05.08 Annan, Gorbachev tell energy conference of need for change More  
30.05.08 Act on climate change, top scientists warn US More  
30.05.08 Understanding the full value of biodiversity loss More  
29.05.08 Stronger power for the EU Energy Agency More  
29.05.08  Leading on climate change, how action in (US) Congress can move the world (by Tony Blair) More  
29.05.08  MEPs seek reduced biofuel commitments More  
29.05.08 Nature loss 'to hurt global poor' More  
28.05.08 The Commission launches a campaign to promote energy efficient driving More  
28.05.08 Eastern EU states table alternative CO2 targets More  
28.05.08 Climate change could trim corn yields: USDA More  
28.05.08 SMEs call for More state aid to cut energy waste More  
28.05.08 Statesmen and stars celebrate clean energy at EP gala More  
28.05.08 MEPs reject watered-down airline emission targets More  
27.05.08 G8 Ministers compromise on 2050 climate target More  
27.05.08 After 'peak oil' world now faces 'peak water' More  
27.05.08 WWF urges Brazil biofuel projects More  
26.05.08 European carbon emissions creep up More  
26.05.08 UN climate chief says efforts slowing to stem global warming More  
26.05.08 EU lawmakers call for faster climate change curbs More  
26.05.08 Rich nations must lead on climate change: UN official More  
26.05.08 EU in global spotlight for emissions trading scheme More  
26.05.08 Billions wasted on UN climate programme More  
26.05.08 Europe cannot halt the loss of biodiversity without sustainable use of forests More  
23.05.08 Oceans turning acidic decades earlier More  
23.05.08 Environment: Commission launches European Green Capital Award More  
23.05.08 Major environmental damage set to become crime More  
23.05.08 EU States spending More on environment More  

IEA questions role of markets in climate change fight

18.05.08 Climate Change Serious but no Cause to Panic More  
18.05.08 Climate change a Serious Problem for Americans More  
16.05.08 Interview: Solar on the rise, despite 'enemies' More  
16.05.08 EU targets 'intelligent' light-bulbs in climate change More  
16.05.08 Bridging the Gap between scientists andpolicy-makers More  
14.05.08 REACH: EU firms urged to register chemicals More  
14.05.08 MEPs stand by plans to ban chemicals in water More  
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13.05.08 World carbon dioxide levels highest for 650,000 years, says US Report More  
13.05.08 Verheugen raises doubts about EU car pollution targets More  
07.05.08 MEPs stand by plans to ban chemicals in water More  
06.05.08 No 'huge' CO2 cuts for coal until after 2020 More  
06.05.08 High potential to cut air pollution from Europe's power plants More  
06.05.08 Brussels turns to God for Climate Change More  
30.04.08 International agreement cannot wait, warn climate change MEPs in Washington More  
09.04.08     Eurobarometer Report on the Environment More  


"Be the change you want to see in the world" says IPCC Chair Pachauri in his speech to the CLIM Committee of the European Parliament

17.03.08 Europe's leaders agree on tight schedule for climate and energy deal More  
23.01.08 European Commission launches Climate Action and Renewable Energy Package More  
15.01.08 EP Session in Strasbourg about the Climate and Energy Action Plan More  
13.12.07 MEPs and EP officials declaring their support to the implementation of the eCommittee Project More